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This is my dog, Lily. My sister and I bought her, without my dads permission and brought her home as a puppy about a year ago. My dad hates her, but me & my 2 sisters love her to death. This dog helps me cope with my depression and shes always great company to my sisters and I. My dad describes her as “tolerable.” Today, after having this dog for over a year, my dad is saying she needs to go, while he is angry at us for bringing her home, she has become part of the family and we can’t get rid of her, it’s too painful. After begging my dad for a while, he was still stuck on getting rid of her. I mentioned tumblr as a final option, and surprisingly he agreed to it. If I can get 200,000 notes by the end of July, we can keep her. He thinks it’s impossible, but I have faith. I’ve seen tumblr do it before. Please guys help me, I love this dog more than myself. Please oh please :c 


animal babiez forever

Anonymous asked: Can you help me babe? I wanna do me a tattoo like eleanor's a little one. But im not christian or catholic so if i do a cross is weird! Can you reccomend me what can i do that is little? And i dont want any texts on the tattoo:)

i want a tattoo like eleanors as well and i am catholic and i still think it might be a little weird or offensive… hmm you could get what danielle peazer has (the peace sign, love heart and the smiley face in a row (peace love and happiness) on your wrist or anything like this   or or! you could have you star sign! millie mackintosh also has little stars on her shoulder: 

hope this helped :)xx


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wtf is a gotye 

somebody that i used to know


nina is such a hipster


If drunk Eleanor isn’t your fav Eleanor then there’s something wrong with you.

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